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About The Initiative

The Innovation Initiative– Entrepreneur TV™ is an internet TV show featuring real people doing extraordinary things around the world. We deliver insight on bleeding edge technologies and societal trends to help the general public predict and prepare for the future. We also have membership access where world leaders across disparate industries share their best advice and concerns with entrepreneurs who are changing the world.

The Initiative is an appeal for inspiration and empowerment in the face of the condemnation of capitalism. Capitalism is based on freedom. Freedom to make decisions, pursue a person’s dreams, vision and individual goals by providing valuable services and products that people need. Capitalism is the single system that has resulted in the greatest creation of wealth, innovation, freedom, rights, and the environment by raising the living standards of the Earth’s people.

Where there are humans there can be innovation. We are fortunate to live during a global renaissance of interdisciplinary innovation. The world is getting smaller due to enhanced communication through mobile technology. Concurrently we see entrepreneurship and venture capital distributed around the world.

To achieve self-reliance during economic uncertainty, we must continuously learn; find customers and build products to solve their problems, stay relevant and discover rabbit holes with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Your contribution is your legacy.

With Gratitude,

Cat Volz
Founder & Executive Producer